Committed to non-violence. Seeks lasting peace in Sri Lanka, based on justice, reconciliation & negotiated political settlement.

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'Ground realities in Sri Lanka'15 August 2014

A review of the key, current concerns in Sri Lanka, relating to human rights, accountability, reconciliation, a political settlement and other issues.

Written evidence to the UK Foreign Affairs Select Committee01 July 2014

GTF's written evidence to the UK Parliament's Foreign Affairs Select Committee inquiry into the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s human rights work in 2013. The submission relates to the situation in Sri Lanka.

2014 - International Women's Day report28 March 2014

GTF's report for the 2014 International Women's Day on the 'insecurity of Tamil women in Sri Lanka'.

'Why the UNHRC must establish an independent, international war crimes inquiry in Sri Lanka'01 March 2014

A document prepared in the lead up to the March 2014 Session of the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC), which lays out the reasons why an independent, international inquiry into war crimes needs to be initiated by the UNHRC.

2013 'Year in Review': Sri Lanka30 December 2013

A GTF review of the key concerns and human rights issues in Sri Lanka, during 2013.

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