Committed to non-violence. Seeks lasting peace in Sri Lanka, based on justice, reconciliation & negotiated political settlement.
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Latest Press Release

2016 முள்ளிவாய்க்கால் நினைவால் தொடரும் போராட்டத்தை மீளவும் வலுப்படுத்துவோம்17 May 2016

அன்பான எனது சகோதரரே! மீளவும் எமது இனத்தின் போராட்ட சரித்திரத்தில் மறக்கவோ மறைக்கவோ மறுக்கவோ முடியாத நிகழ்வுகளை நினைவு கூருகின்றோம். இந் நினைவு நாட்களை கருத்துள்ள பொருத்தமான முறையிலே நடாத்தி, எமது போராட்டத்தை விரக்தியிலிருந்து விடுவித்து, வீரத்துடனும் வேகத்துடனும் செயற்பட, மன உறுதியும் ஆன்ம பெலனும் சேர்ப்போமாக.

OISL Report

Report of the OHCHR Investigation on Sri Lanka (OISL) 16th September 2015

Report Of The OHCHR Investigation On Sri Lanka OISL

In Resolution 25/1, adopted in March 2014, the Human Rights Council requested the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights to “undertake a comprehensive investigation into alleged serious violations and abuses of human rights and related crimes by both parties in Sri Lanka during the period covered by the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) and to establish the facts and circumstances of such alleged violations and of the crimes perpetrated with a view to avoiding impunity and ensuring accountability, with assistance from relevant experts and special procedures mandate holders”.

GTF in the Media

UK to take up diaspora groups’ concerns with UNHRC before June sessions26 May 2016

The UK will make representations to United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein on behalf of the Tamil Diaspora regarding what UK based sources called extremely slow progress in the implementation of the Geneva Resolution adopted on Oct 1, 2015.

Global Tamil Forum welcomes cancellation of Sri Lanka Victory Day parade, calls for full implementation of UNHRC resolution19 May 2016

The London-based Tamil Diaspora organization, the Global Tamil Forum (GTF) has welcomed the Sri Lankan government's decision to cancel the Victory Day Parade that was held annually on May 18 since 2009 to commemorate the war victory over the Tamil Tiger terrorists.

GTF too welcomes cancellation of Victory Day parade, calls for full implementation of UNHRC resolution18 May 2016

The Global Tamil Forum (GTF) too yesterday welcomed the government decision to cancel Victory Day Parade.

Rupavahini Interview

Suren Surendiran (GTF) on Sri Lankan National Television Rupavahini News

26 September 2015

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