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Global Tamil Forum (GTF) condemns the senseless violence inflicted upon innocents on Easter Sunday

Monday, April 22, 2019

The Global Tamil Forum (GTF) is shocked and saddened by the targeted attacks in churches and hotels across Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday. The scale of the violence, particularly on a day of worship and celebration, with more than 200 deaths and many hundreds injured is deeply disturbing.

GTF condemns in the strongest possible terms these premeditated horrific attacks on innocent worshippers, foreign nationals and others.

Our heartfelt sympathies go to all those who have lost loved ones and have suffered injuries, and we strongly identify with their grief and mourning.

Sri Lanka is still struggling to come to terms with the effects of war that ended 10 years ago, and these inhuman acts should not be allowed as further setbacks for trusting and peaceful coexistence of diverse religious and ethnic communities in Sri Lanka. It is important that all the people of Sri Lanka reject any ideology that invokes hate or violence to achieve their ends. 

GTF calls on the Sri Lanka Government to establish a thorough investigation to identify all the elements behind this dastardly crime and ensure that all perpetrators are brought to justice impartially and swiftly.