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Deepam TV Interview with GTF & TNA23 September 2015

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GTF reiterates its call for participation of foreign judges in transitional justice processes22 June 2017

The Global Tamil Forum (GTF), largest Tamil diaspora body reiterated its call for the inclusion of international judges in Sri Lanka’s transitional justice processes in the wake of a  UN report that was critical of country's judicial system. 

Tamil group calls for int'l judges in Lanka's transitional22 June 2017

A leading Tamil diaspora group has demanded the participation of international judges in Sri Lanka's transitional justice processes in the wake of a UN report that was critical of country's judicial system.

Lanka Tamils to mark 8th anniversary of end of civil war18 May 2017

Tamils in Sri Lankas war-ravaged northern and eastern provinces are today observing the eigth anniversary of the end of the three-decade brutal civil war in the country in 2009.

Amnesty International's longstanding ‘alliance’ with the LTTE18 April 2017

Publicly declining to testify before the LLRC that has been tasked by the then President Mahinda Rajapaksa to inquire into war crimes allegations, London headquartered Amnesty International (AI) joined the International Crisis Group (ICG) and the Human Rights Watch (HRW) to flay Sri Lanka.

Peace and Reconciliation in Sri Lanka28 March 2017

Opening comments by TISSA JAYATILAKA at a panel discussion held during the 26th Rotary District Conference, Rotary District 3320- Sri Lanka and The Maldives, on 18 March, 2017 held at the BMICH, Colombo.

"Foreign judges’ issue mere exaggeration on Mahinda’s part"21 March 2017

Finally, Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera has acknowledged that, in terms of the Constitution foreign judges couldn’t participate in proposed domestic accountability mechanism in accordance with Geneva Resolution 30/1.

GTF wants UN rights body to closely monitor Sri Lanka10 March 2017

The Global Tamil Forum (GTF) today welcomed the report on Sri Lanka by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights backed the observation that ‘stronger, tangible results needed to be forthcoming without further delay to prevent any further dissipation of hard-earned trust.’

Press Releases

GTF pays tribute to Tamil Elder Statesman Mr R Sampanthan on his passing04 July 2024

The Global Tamil Forum (GTF) is deeply saddened by the passing of the Tamil elder statesman R. Sampanthan on June 30, 2024. We express our heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of the departed leader and all those mourning the loss of Mr. Sampanthan.

Statement by the Sangha for Better Sri Lanka (SBSL) and the Global Tamil Forum (GTF) on recent events in Sri Lanka30 March 2024

The Sangha for Better Sri Lanka (SBSL) and the Global Tamil Forum (GTF) are saddened by the untoward incidents that took place during the Maha Shiva Rathri Event (March 8, 2024) at Vedukkunari Aathi Sivan Temple in the North of Sri Lanka.

Following the launch of the ‘Himalaya Declaration’, the proposed “National Conversation” among communities in Sri Lanka and Diaspora will continue with much vigour and purpose22 December 2023

A ‘Delegation’ consisting of senior Buddhist monks from different Nikayas (Sangha for Better Sri Lanka or “SBSL”) and members of the Global Tamil Forum (“GTF”) had various engagements in Sri Lanka from December 7 to 15, 2023. This was continuation of our fruitful dialogue in Nagarkot (Nepal) in April 2023, where both parties arrived at “Himalaya Declaration” to facilitate our engagement and advocacy efforts among different communities in Sri Lanka. The “National Conversation” was officially launched in Sri Lanka and handed over to many religious, political and community leaders, and discussed during these meetings.


“A Sri Lanka where every individual can live peacefully with dignity, trust, and no fear or suspicion, enjoying equal rights.” Nagarkot, Nepal - 27th April 2023